Private Dorm

Sleep in peace of mind

Guaranteed private space only for you that makes you feel like you are in your cozy room alone.
2F for mixed gender, 3F for only ladies.
Since 2F and 3F are completely seperate from outside, there is no chance to encounter any men on the third floor.
As mentioned above, it is designed for even women to stay safely.
Also, common area is under surveillance for 24 hours.

Private Domi 3800yen~

Rooms are white in color with brightness adjustable dim light, which makes you feel very cozy, as well as power outlets equipped.
In addition, one compartment for one bed to store a suitcase. it is absolutely big enough even for a big suitcase.


Q1:Check-in, Check-out
Check-in : 4pm – 11pm / check-out : 11am. In the case of pre-paid guests, as personal passcode is issued in online, check-in is available even after 11pm.
When you check in late at night, please ensure to keep down.

Q2: Can I check my luggage before check-in?
You can check your luggage at the reception during its open hours, 9am to 11pm. If it is before check-in date that you booked, ¥500 will be charged per 1 day.

Q3:Is there curfew?
There is no restricted time to come back to the hostel by. You can pass through doors in a personal passcode that you will receive when checking in, but please ensure to keep down when coming back late

Q4:What is a personal passcode?
Our hostel issues the passcode of 4 numbers’ combination used to open auto-locked doors. It is issued to every individual who stays at our hostel. It is only valid during your stay. It is automatically expired after check-out time which is 11am.

Q5:Sending or receiving packages on our hostel’s address.
Any items are allowed except for food, but please consider period of your stay and make sure to add your room number on it. If it arrives before your check-in date, ¥500 will be charged per 1 day.



High-speed internet


Hot water in shower is available for 24 hours.




Hinges for locks are built in compartments. Please prepare your own lock or you can purchase a lock at the reception.


WASHING MACHINE 200yen/4.5kg
TUMBLE DRYER 100yen/20min


Rental towel for 200yen


tooth brush for 100yen


A pair of ear plugs for 100yen